Steampunk Coloring and Activity Book - Highway Thirty One

Steampunk Coloring and Activity Book

Containing Illustrations, Recipes, Formulas & Other Activities to Entertain & Entice Creativity for the Prevention of Ennui & General Malaise Among the Youth of Today & Their Progenitors. In a whimsical and elegant world powered by steam, where odd flying machines rule the skies and submersibles from Captain Nemo's wildest dreams explore the deep, this future that never was is ready for some color. Fun and games for all ages, Victorian and up.

Author: Phoebe Longhi
Publisher: Manic D Press
Price: $11.95
Page count: 64 pages
Trim size: 10 x 8
Weight: 0.43 lbs
ISBN-13: 9781933149639
Binding: Softcover
Content: Black and white